Welcome to Shanti

Welcome to Shanti

Why accommodating at Shanti guesthouse?

Why choosing us if you plan to visit the Apuseni mountains?


… we give you three reasons… or more:

Firstly – because the guesthouse isn’t located near a main road so you won’t see the cars passing from your window. It is 1 km away from the national road, in the middle of nature, in a 4 ha property of orchards and hayfields.

And what sort of nature! We could say… luxuriant! And we always have flowers in our garden!

It all starts in early spring with snowdrops, bluebells, daffodils, tulips (a while ago a biologist who stopped by was saying to us:  Not even in Cluj, where it’s warmer, they didn’t bloom … it means that they like it here”), apple blossoms, cherry blossoms, lilacs, jasmine, elder, lilies and a hedge with yellow flowers that last all summer long, till late autumn when the frost arrives.

Besides occasionally visit our beautiful deerPensiunea Shanti Caprioare in vizita visit Shanti Guesthouse creatures of the forest , and every early morning you can catch squirrels that visiting SquirrelsPensiunea Shanti Veverite in vizita Shanti

And also, every morning you can see the squirrels that live in our yard going to the well to drink and then climbing in the trees for apples and walnuts.

Another reason is that we offer you a place for sunbathing… and it’s well known that the mountain tan lasts longer.

We also have an above the ground pool surrounded by lounge chairs where you can enjoy the friendly rays of sun that await you… and if the sun is to powerful, you can relax in the shade of the firs…

One more reason: the guesthouse is located in the centre of the Aries valley. Thus, from us you can visit both Scarisoara and Cheile Turzii without spending most of the day in the car. It is the ideal location for somebody who wants to visit the Apuseni Mountains and the Aries Valley during their holiday.

Another reason is that we can provide you all the information about the sights in the Apuseni … or, if you wish so, we can give you a ride in our 4×4 to some of the less visited places or we could guide you to discover the wonderful caves in the area.”This is an old passion, since my childhood”

Although we haven’t mentioned all, letting you to discover them, one last reason is…. silence. That’s what made us choose the name Shanti which means peace and tranquility.

In the evening, as the sun sets, the deepest silence covers the valley. You can’t hear anything, not even the birds. And if at a point you feel you had enough of silence, you can ask us to play the horn for you. Only the sound of the horn, with its triple echo, can get over the valley, bringing to present the memories of the past, of the old Tara Motilor.