Sighistel Valley

Sighistel Valley is a  wild and mysterious areea.

It’s remarkable through the multitude of caverns, caves and through its wild Valea Sighistelului 1landscapes. In only 6 km you can find the biggest density of karstic phenomenons in Romania.

The valley ends with a special canyon, really narrow, with vertical walls that you can touch having both of your arms stretched.

Valea Sighistelului 2


Although the valley is only 9 km long, almost half of it is shaped as a canyon by the vertical walls. In the Sighiştel Valley you can find over 200 caves on only 10 km2, thus being the area with the highest endokarstic potential in the country.

Here we can find spectacular caves like Magura Cave with its impressive halls and maze like galleries , Coliboaia Cave where there were found 35000 years old cave drawings (a closed cave nowadays), Dracoia Cave, Corbeasca Cave with its Crystal Lake and many stalactites and stalagmites,