Coiba Mare Cave

 Coiba mare cave

It is located across the path  from Ghetarul de la Vartop slightly above the Garda Seaca hamlet of Case de Piatra.

The main entrance of Coiba Mare cave is one of the most impressive portal caves in the Apuseni openings with the 74m wide and 47m high, comparing only to the  Cetatilor Ponorului portal

You can visit the active gallery to  7 m high  waterfall  We will enchant you with its unique curtains that descend from the ceiling leaks parietal. Gallery continues for 300 m 

then, after the cascade, crossing the lake at the base of it requires Speological Alpine technical knowledge and a pneumatic boat.  We are available for those who want them …

With those who want can go to visit the passive gallery. We will be delighted with leopard skin on the walls (some texture that appears on the walls gallery) and a multitude of stalactites and stalagmites are formed real underworld palaces.

Coiba Mare Cave deserves your attention and visiting them not to be missed

It is similar  to with another cave, Coiba Mica latter being accessible to tourists.