Huda lui Papara cave

Huda lui Papara Cave is one of the biggest caves in the Bedeleu Massive, Trascau Mountains, and is located 12 km away from the guesthouse.

An adrenaline boost is necessary when you enter the cave. Right from the entrance the visitor needs to go thorough a 15-20 m long lake that’s 1.5-2m deep.

For that, you can use a speleological boat or you could swim wearing a neoprene costume. Then you should climb on the Evantai (Fan) waterfall, named like this because of the water falling in every direction. After that we need to go under the Heart of Stone, a big rock that felt from the ceiling on the valley. Next we just need to use the speleological ladder for going through the 7 m pass and then the path is clear to the Wonders Hall.

This is one of the cave’s beauties. Through the ascendant gallery that exists here, the warm air is pushed by the air currents in the valley and remains in the superior part of the cave, so that, throughout the year, no matter the outside temperature, here will be 20 degrees Celsius constantly. Also, because of the temperature in this room there appears another unique phenomenon: the stalactites are not vertical but are “broken”, resembling a deer’s leg, thus amazing the tourists with their shape and sizes.

So it’s worth the effort. And for those who want, there is more to visit: the Silent Hall and also the Collapses Area.