Glacier from Scarisoara Cave


Scarisoara it’s one of the jewels of the Romanian Speleology

In its depths there is enclosed, from glacial times, Europe’s second biggest cave glacier.

The Glacier of Scarisoara has an ice volume of 75.000 mc and a thickness of almost 25 m.

You can acces the cave from the Aries valley, from Garda village, going up the Odrancusa valley, on the new road.


Scarisoara IntrareThen we need to go down the stairs for 200m, through the aven, and that will be like going through all the seasons from summer at the top to winter down, in the icy cave.

Here, in the back of this hall, awaits us some wonderful ice formations with pitoresque names ( the Church, The Altar, The Priest, The Elephant)

In this cave there are two other speleological reservations, the Big Reservation and The Small Reservation, that can only be visited by speleologists for researches.

This cave is arranged for visiting according to the European standards and it’s electrified.

It is situated at more than 75 km from the guesthouse.

On the way to scarisoara we can also visit Poarta lui Ionele Cave.Intrarea poarta lui Ioanele

This cave has a wonderful travertine cascade at the entrance and the entrance portal is very big and pitoresque (22m high).