Detunata (basalt colums)

Rezervatia Detunata -coloane de bazalt spre cerHere you can find one of the most interesting landscapes in the Apuseni. It can be reached from Abrud towards the Bucium village.

This is a protected area that includes two peaks that are 1km one from the other: Detunata Goala and Detunata Flocoasa. Detunata Goala is 1169 m high and it’s not covered by forests. Its rock walls are made of basaltic columns. Here you’ll get the feeling you are in the land of giants. (in fact, in the Apuseni area, there are many local legends talking about the giants – “Olosi” as the locals name them,  that existed here before humans)

Detunata pastel de toamnaAt the base of the rock wall of 75 m high there is a mantle of detritus with huge rectangular rock  that are the remains of some columns that collapsed from the wall. The name Detunata (blast) comes from the deafening sound that the collapsing rocks make from time to time.

You can reach the peak carefully, on a trail. Here is the most spectacular area offering a view of the entire “Tara Motilor” from the Apuseni Mountains, from Muntele Mare to Cucurbata peak, from the Aries Valley and Rosia Montana to the Buces-Vulcan gorge.

In the past, near 1895, up here it was arranged a balcony for admiring the landscape and at the base of Detunata there was a chalet for the tourists.

Detunata offers also plenty of intense photographic satisfactions.