Coltesti Fortress


Coltesti Fortress is settled in the Alba County, 5km away from Rimetea village, on the west side of Colţeşti village, on a mountain top n the Apuseni Mountais.

The Fortress was built 750 years ago and is one of the most attractive fortresses on the Aiud Valley – Rimetea – Buru route, offering a superb view from its height.Cetatea Coltesti vara

Nowadays you can see only the ruins of the old fortress. On the Trascau Mountain top you can see two of the old fortress’ towers, dominating the valley. One is a guard tower and the other, a 4 storey high, was inhabited in the old ages.

The Coltesti Fortress’ placing offers a magnificent view of the Valley and of the Coltesti and Remetea villages. In the East there is the calcareous massif Colţii Trascăului and also Piatra Secuiului, in the West side the Dealului Băieşilor slope, and the Aiud Gorges (Cheile Aiudului) in the South.

Cetatea Coltesti vedere

The fortress is really worth seeing.

And another attraction in the Remetea village, with Hungarian population, besides the old buildings from the XIX century, we can also visit the Mining and Iron Processing Museum that presents various inedit exhibits.